The Laboratory of Genetics and Forest Improvement performs its activities to minimize possible impacts on the environment. Thus, measures related to environmental management are adopted, such as control of the consumption of natural resources (water and energy) and proper storage of chemical residues produced.


We store chemical residues in LabGeM following technical guidelines and management procedures. We consider recommendations for the disposal of chemical residues available in texts, which deal with procedures appropriate to the area of ​​molecular genetics. When there is demand, the waste is collected by the Programa de Gestão Integrada de Resíduos da UFRN  and sent to its final destination.


Professors, technicians and students work in an integrated manner to properly dispose of waste generated. Some essential criteria are used such as to separate garbage into suitable containers; to store the collection bottles in an adequated room, not discarding the waste down the sink, sewer or empty places. We indicated always to use personal protective gear.


LabGeM adopts the objective liability rule, that is, each one is responsible for the waste generated. In addition, we practice the 3 R policy: Reduce + Reuse + Recycle.